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  • Need a different size bag?  Shoot us an email, we will special order it for you:  jackie@triplecrownoutfitters.com

    Mummy (w/full collar)

    The Versalite is the most popular bag sold at Triple Crown Outfitters in Kennedy Meadows on the Pacific Crest Trail.

    This Versalite is the warmest in our ExtremeLite™series!  A solid 3-seasons of bike touring or kayaking is at your fingertips with this bag.   The Versalite sports 20 oz. of high lofting 850+ goose down for 6″ of loft and a temperature rating of 10°. A  Super Full Collar will seal in the warmth and protect you from the cold. 62″ of shoulder girth is roomy enough and the total weight is only 2 lbs.

    • Full-length #5 YKK Zipper
    • Full Down Collar
    • 6″ Loft, 10° F
    • 5 1/4″ Spacing/Continuous Baffles
    • 20 oz. Down Fill
    • 62″/39″ Shoulder/Foot Girth
    • 2 lbs. Total Weight
  • Need a different size bag?  Shoot us an email, we will special order it for you:  jackie@triplecrownoutfitters.com

    Mummy (w/full collar)

    This bag is wide, warm, and packed with features. With a 3-dimensional full down collar, a full-length YKK zipper, and 5″ of loft, the Alpinlite has quickly become one of our most popular models. Our award winning Ultralite has been a favorite among lightweight backpackers for more than a decade. The Alpinlite is just a wide version of that great bag. There are many 20° down mummy bags on the market, but none have the width, warmth, or loft of this bag.

    • Full Down Collar
    • 5″ Loft, 20° F
    • 5 1/4″ Spacing/Continuous Baffles
    • 19 oz. Down Fill
    • 64″/39″ Shoulder/Foot Girth
    • Full-length #5 YKK Zipper
    • 1 lb. 15 oz. Total Weight
  • Need a different size bag?  Shoot us an email, we will special order it for you:  jackie@triplecrownoutfitters.com

    Mummy (w/full collar)

    If your summer hike is going to take you through different climates then the UltraLite is a good choice. With a 59″ shoulder girth this efficient bag is good to 20°. The full down collar helps to seal in heat around your neck without adding excess bulk, and 16 oz. of high lofting down pumps this bag to 5″. The total weight of this very compressible package is only 1 lb. 13 oz.

    • Full-length #5 YKK Zipper
    • Full Down Collar
    • 5 1/4?”Spacing/Continuous Baffles
    • 59″/38″ Shoulder/Foot Girth
    • 5″ Loft, 20° F
    • 16 oz. Down Fill
    • 1 lb. 13 oz. Total Weight


Triple Crown Outfitters partners with manufacturers of innovative and functional long distance hiking equipment and apparel. If we wouldn’t put it in our packs we won’t put it in our store.