New for 2020! Sierra Gear Buy-Back Program

At Triple Crown Outfitters (TCO) in Kennedy Meadows, we’re constantly trying to come up with ways to keep hiker’s budgets from spiraling out of control.

In 2019 our primary focus was bear can cost and shipping logistics. So, we started a bear canister rental program, and that is working phenomenally.

Historically hikers used to ship their bear cans, ice axes, and traction devices to Kennedy Meadows. Some years hikers didn’t need the snow gear and would just ship them right back home.

For 2020 we are focusing on the logistical issues associated with ice axes, crampons, snowshoes. We found over the last few seasons many people wanted to mitigate the risk of snow travel but were put off by the cost of the equipment. Others were unsure of how long they might need to worry about snow. We will address that with our new buy-back program.

What do we mean by a buy-back program? If you purchase an ice axe, snowshoes, or crampons from Triple Crown Outfitters we will issue a partial refund of the purchased equipment when it is returned. The refunded amount will fall within a range of 39 – 43% of the purchase price.

In order to make the equipment buy back as seamless as possible, we have partnered with the awesome people at Tahoe Mountain Sports located in Truckee, CA. They will accept the returned items and notify us to process the refund.

If there is still a ton of snow north of Truckee or the snow has melted south of Truckee the items can be returned to us via UPS, FedEx, USPS.

TCO and TMS are trying to minimize the cost and logistics that previous generation PCT’ers dealt with. We hope our buy-back program helps in controlling the costs for future hikers.

TO KICK THIS OFF WITH A BANG, We are offering a $10 in-store credit for ice axe, crampon, and snowshoe orders placed before February 14th (one in-store credit per customer redeemable at Triple Crown Outfitters, Kennedy Meadows, CA).

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