No-risk solution for PCT Sierra gear

There have been a lot of questions on social media lately regarding Sierra gear:  ice axes, crampons and spikes, bear canisters.

Do you need snow gear?

What if you buy snow gear and a bear canister and you don’t make it to Kennedy Meadows?
What if you do make it to Kennedy Meadows, but there isn’t enough snow to warrant snow gear?
What if you need your snow gear in southern California (San Jacinto and/or Baden-Powell)?
What do you do?

Triple Crown Outfitters has the perfect solution!

  • Order now from Triple Crown Outfitters.  TCO holds your gear for you in Kennedy Meadows. You save the postage of mailing it to yourself in KM. (TCO is located in Kennedy Meadows at PCT northbound mile 702.)
  • If you don’t need the gear you ordered, you can either get a refund or store credit.
  • If you need the gear further south (if there is snow in southern California like there was in 2019), we will mail your gear to whatever trail address you want.
  • If you prefer to have the gear before your hike, we can ship it to your home.
  • How about that?! You can’t lose. If you need the gear, it will be waiting for you in Kennedy Meadows or shipped to you. If you don’t need it, you can get a refund or store credit (your choice).

But even more important, WHY BUY FROM US? We offer:

  • Over 50,000 miles of hiking experience.  Worldwide is a Triple Crowner.  Yogi is a Double Triple Crowner.  You can confidently trust our advice.
  • We will not sell you gear you do not need.  Seriously.  We will talk you out of spending money unnecessarily (our friends think we are crazy).
  • Proper sizing and fitting advice.
  • Easy exchanges (size, brand, style).
  • Easy refunds (you may not need it).
  • If you order the wrong size from someone else it will take days of waiting to get the proper size shipped.
  • If you order from someone else, you have to pay postage to get your gear to Kennedy Meadows.

That’s not all! We have lots of gear and clothing on sale and also closeouts (discontinued items or colors).
This is a great opportunity to gear up for your hike at low prices.

Questions?  Email or give us a call!

559-850-4453, please call only between 7am and 7pm Pacific time

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