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Cooler temperatures are here.  I love the weather but my fingertips tend to get cold.  Over 40 years ago I became a pet rabbit attack survivor.  The attack left me needing to get a few fingertips stitched up and reattached.  While I no longer harbor animosity towards rabbits my fingers get cold easily.  Additionally, most days I start hiking before sunrise and add a few hours after dark.  Hopefully, some of my insight will help you keep your hands warm.

On any hike, one should carry gloves every month of the year.  The fabric weight and or the number of layers will be what changes.  Remember that a day hike can turn into an overnight hike with a twist of an ankle.  I believe any time I walk into the woods I should be able to spend the night.  Including day hikes.

For over ten years I layered my gloves just like the rest of my body.  Typically using a glove liner in conjunction with a more durable shell and or a rain/wind shell.  When it rained no combination seemed to work well enough at keeping me warm and dry.  Nothing was exactly right.  The wind cut right through liners and wearing a liner and a shell was overkill on most mornings.  When it rained none of the rain shells kept me dry enough.  Unless I went with a Marmot PreCip and they were just too bulky feeling and overkill for most situations.  Complicating matters trekking poles tend to wear out liners really fast around the thumb and palm.  So, if one uses trekking poles the glove they wear should have a reinforced palm.

Last year, we found that CAMP had some great gloves incorporating all the features Yogi and I wanted in one glove.  We wanted something that was not too bulky, shed wind well, kept us warm at reasonable temps for a 3 season hike. We finally saw the CAMP G Comp Wind and CAMP G Comp Warm.  They are light at 3.5 oz and 4.1 oz respectively and are priced at what one would pay for liners and a shell glove.   The stowaway mitten isn’t obtrusive or feel weird at all when stowed.  We live at 6,200′ in the Southern Sierra and love these gloves.  These two gloves will be my go-to gloves going forward for any 3 season hikes, and stretching into winter with the CAMP G Comp Warm.



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