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How To Guides

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  • In this book Justin Lichter divulges hundreds of valuable tips and advice based on more than 35,000 miles of hiking across the country and beyond. Trail Tested is a comprehensive guide to hiking and backpacking. Whether you’re a new hiker looking for expert advice, an experienced hiker looking to hone your skills, or a thru-hiker gearing up for a 6-month trip, this book is packed with priceless information to make your trip a successful and comfortable one.

    Vibrant images from Trauma’s treks will entice all readers of all skill levels to get out and enjoy the backcountry. You’ll learn why getting the right gear and learning outdoor skills are integral to making the most out of your next backpacking trip. Some topics included in this guide are:
    * Gear advice, including backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, ultralight shetlers, and clothing
    * Gear maintenance and repair
    * Ultralight tips for novices to gram-counters
    * Low-impact camping and hiking
    * Campsite selection
    * Hiking with dogs
    * Navigating the backcountry
    * Winter camping
    * First aid
    * Weather forecasting
    * Advanced techniques for creating routes, cross-country hiking, fording rivers, multi-sport adventures, and animal encounters

  • Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or tucked into your backpack, Survive Mountains is the must-have item to keep with you in case you find yourself in a mountainous survival situation. Including topics on administering basic first-aid, finding food and water, building shelter, and mental preparation, Survive Mountains also has full-color images and illustrations throughout. Expert hiker, and first-ever winter thru-hiker of the entire Pacific Crest Trail, Justin Lichter gives you the absolute essential information needed to get you home safely.

    Inside you’ll find:

    • How to build fire, construct shelter, find water, and get food
    • Navigation, orienteering, and signaling
    • Worst-case-scenario advice for precarious situations
    • Tips for common trail concerns, from lightning to blisters
  • How to Prepare and Ship Hiker Resupply Packages (A Yogi’s® Book)

    Perfect for folks who are new to long-distance hiking!

    Great reference guide for the home resupply person!

    A detailed How-To book for resupplying on any trail:

    • Getting the proper nutrients
    • Choosing Trail Food
    • Sample 5-Day Resupply
    • Preparing Mail Drops
    • Shipping Packages (including navigating USPS options)


  • Ultralight Survival Kit is the first book of backpacking tips that is itself ultralight! It focuses on all of the skills and techniques that hikers and backpackers would want at their fingertips while in the outdoors. Perfect for backpackers from beginner to advanced, this book contains:

    • Worst-case-scenario advice you’d want handy if stuck in a precarious situation.
    • Tips for the most common trail concerns, from lightning to blisters.
    • Suggestions for keeping your pack light or ultralight without sacrificing the must-haves
    • Topics like: how to identify/treat reactions to poisonous plants, how to handle animal encounters, how to identify animal tracks, how to build a fire, need-to-know essential knots, how to predict weather patterns, how to repair or replace gear with limited materials, and how to deal with the elements when you don’t have a lot of gear on your back

    The book is formatted to make learning easy and user-friendly. This pocket-size book of tips is convenient to carry with you should you desire, but also includes advice you can easily digest ahead of time than add weight to your pack. The information is time tested in more than 35,000 miles of hiking experience. Readers will be able to adapt their surroundings to the techniques shown in the book and safely overcome challenges that may otherwise have turned them back.

  • The new Basic Illustrated books are information-packed tools in a heavily illustrated, richly designed, contemporary four-color format. Written for the novice but great as a handy reference for the veteran, these highly illustrated guides distill years of knowledge into affordable and portable packages. Whether you’re planning a trip or thumbing for facts in the field, Basic Illustrated books show you what you need to know.

    Discover how to:

    1. Assemble an outdoor first-aid kit of essential items
    2. Soothe bites and stings
    3. Deal with hot and cold injuries
    4. Wrap sprains, fractures, and dislocated joints
    5. Handle backcountry emergencies until professional medical help arrives

Showing all 5 results