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  • SANTA FE BEAN COMPANY DEHYDRATED BEANS: Santa Fe Beans are convenient, nutritious and full of flavor. We make dehydrated beans because they’re easy to make, retain more of their nutrients than canned beans, and taste like gourmet homemade beans in no time.

  • The aroma and mouth watering taste of our Mexicali Rose instant refried beans catch the attention of every homemaker and gourmet connoisseur. The bottom line is Mexicali Rose instant refried beans are a phenomenally exciting, successful product. They are convenient, consistent, time-saving, They have no cholesterol, no preservatives, and are rich in protein and iron. There is no “canned taste” and are reasonably priced. They have that great homemade taste and our quality is unsurpassed!

    Available beginning: February 15, 2020

Showing all 2 results