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Storage and Protection

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  • LokSaks and OPSAKS

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  • Dry Sacks

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    The eVac™ Dry Sack utilizes 70D lightweight nylon fabric for strength and eVent® waterproof fabric on the base to allow eVac-uation of air for compression. It’s an excellent option for storing and compressing clothes and sleeping bags without the use of straps. Just pack the items in, roll the sack down and push the air out to save valuable packing space within your backpack. They’re an oval shape, making them perfect for sliding into the contours of your pack and all seams are double stitched and tape-sealed.

    • BEST USE:  Backpacking, Bike Packing, Travel
    • CLOSURE:  Waterproof durable roll-top closure
    • MATERIAL(S):  70D nylon body and eVent fabric base
    • REPAIR BUCKLE SIZE:  5/8in | 15mm (2-Pin)
    • SHAPE:  Oval base to resist rolling and an ideal height-to-width ratio for easy packing
    • WATERPROOF:  Yes

    Designed with ultralight backpacking in mind the Ultra-Sil™ Nano™ Dry Sack is made from lightweight  15D siliconized Nylon. With the use of featherweight 15D fabric, these are perfect for use inside your pack to keep gear organized and dry. Using a hypalon roll-top closure that doesn’t wick moisture, an oval base for easy packing, these are fully seam sealed for water resistance. Ideal for backpacking, climbing, cycle touring and modular packing where lightweight and low bulk is key.


    • Ultra-Sil Nano 15D Nylon fabric for high strength to weight performance
    • Ultra-Sil Nano has a 1,200mm hydrostatic head
    • Waterproof hypalon roll-top closure does not wick moisture
    • Waterproof seams – double stitched and tape sealed
    • Reinforced stitching on all stress points
    • Siliconized fabric with a smooth finish for easy packing
    • Compact and super lightweight with an oval base design for easy packing
    • This product is not intended for boating or marine use
    • Intended for use inside a bag or backpack

    The Ultra-Sil™ Dry Sack won the sought-after Backpacker Editors’ Choice award in 2006 and is still the ideal dry sack for backpacking and travel. Made with lightweight, waterproof 30D Ultra-Sil™ fabric featuring CORDURA® yarns it’s the perfect choice for modular packing to organize your gear inside your backpack or duffle like a pro. The semi-translucent fabric means that it’s easy to see what’s in each dry bag, and if you’re really organized you’ll make use of multiple color options to find things even easier. Other features include a non-wicking hypalon roll-top closure, a round base for ease of packing and taped seams to keep moisture out. An excellent choice for lightweight backpacking, cycle touring and travel.


    • The Ultra-Sil Dry Sack won the Backpacker Editors’ Choice award, 2006
    • 30D siliconized high-tenacity CORDURA Nylon fabric for extra strength, durability and a smooth finish for easy packing
    • Avoid sharp or hard-edged objects and abrasive surfaces
    • Waterproof hypalon roll-top closure does not wick moisture
    • Waterproof, reinforced seams – double stitched and tape sealed
    • Reinforced stitching for greater seam strength on all stress points
    • Super compact and ultra lightweight
    • This product is not intended for boating or marine use
    • As of 2018: Features the patent-pending 5/8in | 15mm Field Repair Buckle with stainless steel pins

    The Lightweight Dry Sack is jack of all trades, and master of all – a rare feat to achieve. It’s our most versatile dry sack and is made from a lightweight 70D waterproof, durable nylon fabric. We use a white interior lining for great visibility when finding contents inside and they’re available in great colors to optimize color coded organized packing. They use the same hypalon non-wicking roll-top closure as our other dry sacks and feature a D-ring attachment point at the buckle. Ideal for backpacking, cycle touring, travel, ski touring and more.

    • BEST USE:  Backpacking, Hiking, Bike Packing & Travel
    • CLOSURE:  Waterproof durable roll-top closure
    • MATERIAL(S):  Lightweight 70D nylon with fully taped seams
    • REPAIR BUCKLE SIZE:  5/8in | 15mm (2-Pin)
    • SHAPE:  Cylindrical with an ideal height-to-width ratio for easy packing
    • WATERPROOF:  Yes
  • Along with being 100% water/air tight like our ALOKSAK, the O.P.SAK (Odor Proof SAK) is also a 100% odor barrier bag. We use the same seal on our OPSAK – no gusset – that we use on our ALOKSAK, but with a different film that is odor proof and FDA approved. You can store food undetected to bears and other pests in your campsite by sealing them in the OPSAK. Also, because the OPSAK is FDA approved, you can use it in food preparation and storage. You can even pour boiling water into the OPSAK because of its extreme heat resistance.

  • The aLOKSAK is an element-proof storage bag that prevents leakage and preserves items against damage from water, air, dust and humidity. These bags are made of a durable polyethylene blended film and are 100% water/air tight. They are considered disposable though, unlike other 100% water/air tight bags, they can be opened and resealed numerous times.

  • Ultralight, water-resistant storage sacks for NeoAir , ProLite and ProLite Plus mattresses.

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