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PCT Laminated Resupply List

PCT Laminated Resupply List


Lists are a print-on-demand service.  All list sales are final.  No returns.

Pertinent PCT resupply data has been simplified!

Never be without town information again!!

Do you want to have the addresses and phone numbers of trail town Post Offices, resupply stores, motels, and outfitters handy? Check out the Laminated List of Pacific Crest Trail Resupply Spots!!!

This consolidated list is eight laminated sheets, printed front and back, approximately 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches each. Total weight 1.5 ounces. The list is printed on bright pink paper, then laminated. No more digging into your pack for your data bag or phone, since this laminated list can be safely packed in an easy-to-reach outside pack pocket. You’ll always be able to find it (brightly colored!), and no worries about your data getting wet (laminated!).

Just imagine how simple things would be if you had this information for the WHOLE TRAIL, small and laminated, in an easy-to-reach pocket of your pack!



Following is a sample of the information you’ll find on your Laminated List.

1.4 – Campo CA – on trail

PO (91906):  619-478-5466. M-F 8:30a-11:30a, 12:30p-4:30p. Sat 9:30a-noon.
Campo Store (large C-Store) 619-478-5494.

20.0 – Lake Morena CA – on trail

Oak Shores Grocery (small store) a 5-minute walk from the campground.
619-478-5845.  Cheeseburgers, deli sandwiches, and scooped ice cream.

41.5 – Mt. Laguna CA – 0.4 mile walk

Post Office (91948):  619-473-8341.  Mon-Fri noon-4p.  Sat 9a-11a.
Small grocery store (good resupply) open 9a-5p every day.  619-473-8533.

Lodge/Store accepts maildrops, $5 fee.  619-473-8533.
Put your name and phone number on outside of box.
USPS:  c/o Laguna Mtn Lodge, PO Box 146, Mt. Laguna CA 91948.
UPS/FedEx:  c/o Laguna Mtn Lodge, 10678 Sunrise Hwy, Mt. Laguna CA 91948

77.0 – Stagecoach Trails RV Park – 4 mile hitch

Small store, snacks only.  760-765-3765.  Usually open 9a-5p.

77.0 – Julian CA – 13 mile hitch

Post Office (92036):    760-765-3648.  Mon-Fri 9a-4p.  Sat 10-noon.

Julian Market & Deli 760-765-2606.  Julian Country Inn 760-765-4838.
Jack’s Grocery 760-765-3200.  Julian Hotel 760-765-0201.
Carmen’s Place 760-765-4600.  Julian Lodge 760-765-1420.

109.5 – Warner Springs CA

PO 1.2 mile hitch or walk.
Post Office (92086):    760-782-3166.  Mon-Fri 8a-4p.  Sat 8a-1:30p.

Resource Center 0.1 mile walk.  Little hiker resupply store at Resource Ctr.
Resource Center:    760-782-0670.    8a-4p every day.


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