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Yogi’s Colorado Trail Handbook

Yogi’s Colorado Trail Handbook




March 2017 edition

“Denver to Durango”.  Say those three words to anyone in the long-distance hiking community, and they’ll know you are talking about the most gorgeous long trail in the USA:  the Colorado Trail. Stretching 486 miles from Denver to Durango, the Colorado Trail ranges in elevation from 5520 feet at the eastern terminus to 13,271 feet at its highest point, with the majority of the trail above 9000 feet.

A thru-hike is about the experience, the adventure, the wonder of being self-sufficient and experiencing the beauty of our world.  You can do all of that on the Colorado Trail; however, you can’t just go to Denver, stop by REI and pick up some equipment, and then hop on the trail.  You’ve got to do a little bit of planning, a little bit of research.  That’s where this Handbook comes in pretty darned handy, guiding you through gear selection, resupply strategy, guidebooks/maps, and a myriad of other hiking topics you probably haven’t even thought of.

Yogi’s Colorado Trail Handbook guides you through an enjoyable Colorado Trail experience – both in the planning and hiking stages.  There are two sections to the Handbook.

The Planning Guide section (84 pages) offers advice on a variety of hiking topics such as:  route choices, transportation, guidebooks, maps, permits and identification, navigation, gear, clothing, footwear, trail town information, maildrops, and food.

The Town Guide section (54 pages) has detailed information for 22 towns and resorts including:  how to get to/from each town/resort; town maps; maildrop information; and exactly what each town/resort has for resupply, lodging, restaurants, ATM, phone, internet, fuel, shower, etc.  These pages are printed on perforated paper so you can easily remove them from the book to take with you on the trail.


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