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Western Mountaineering Alder MF 25°F


  • 5 1/4″ Spacing/Continuous Baffles
  • 5″ Loft, 25° F
  • 62″/ 4 6″ Shoulder /Foot Girth
  • 16 oz. Down Fill
  • Zips to Summer Coupler
  • 1 lb. 15 oz. Total Weight
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For those mild nights when counting shooting stars is all you have to do, then the semi-rectangular Alder MF is your bag of choice! Roomy enough for comfort and warm enough so you won’t wake with a chill before dawn. This bag has a 62″ shoulder girth and 46″ at the foot. The Alder MF has a zipper along the side so that it can mate with mummy bags and a zipper around the foot so that it can be opened flat as a comforter or zipped to our Summer Coupler to be a sleep for two. This bag was formerly known as the “Aspen MF”. Nothing about the bag has changed except the name.

Shape Size (ft/in) Rating Loft (in) Inside Girth
shdr/hip/foot (in)
Fill Wt. Total Wt. Stuff size (in) Sac Size
Semi Rec 6’0″ 25° F 5″ 62″/59″/46″ 16 oz 1 lb 15 oz 7″x13″ XS
6’6″ 25° F 5″ 62″/59″/46″ 18 oz 2 lb 1 oz 7″x13″ XS

Worldwide’s note:

The Alder MF has been part of my sleeping bag collection for 10 years, and one of the most used.  It rates to 25°F conservatively, fits easily in an 8l dry bag, weighs not too much more than some of the cottage brand quilts.  The difference is this bag rates to temp and is manufactured to Western Mountaineering standards.  If I have a 3 season hike in the Sierra, Rockies, or Appalachian ranges this is a great choice.  I also use a Western Mountaineering Terralite because it has a hood for late season solo.  When Yogi and I hike together we use our Western Mountaineering Sycamores it has a hood and is semi rec so we can zip together.

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6', 6' 6"


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